Golden Visa

A Golden Visa offers a residence visa with extra advantages, provided by many European countries including Greece. It is a residence-by-investment visa that ensures visa-free travel, within the countries of EU/Schengen zone, to non-European investors and their families.

The Golden Visa for Greece is one of the most attractive and competitive investment visa programs in the EU. Furthermore, currently, the issuance of the visa is completed in merely a very short time, specifically in Chania.

There are several investment options, but the most common route is through purchasing real estate worth a minimum of 250.000 €.

There is an abundance of choices when interested in investing in Greece, for a Golden Visa. Whether you are investing in residential or commercial real estate, you can buy your property, either as an individual or jointly with other investors, or alternatively as a legal entity (owning 100% of the company shares).

Αll non-European citizens are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa, as long as the main applicant is over 18 years old and the total investment is no less than 250.000 euros (not including expenses).

Additionally, the Golden Visa is valid for 5 years and may be renewed indefinitely providing the investment, or one of the aforementioned minimum value, is maintained.

A Greek Golden Visa is accompanied by the following benefits:

  • The threshold investment options are relatively lower than in most other EU countries offering Golden Visa programs.
  • Children under 21 years of age, parents, spouses, or partners with a cohabitation agreement (concluded in Greece), and in-laws of the main investor can benefit from the same investment of 250.000 euros and above and issue a permanent European residence permit, as well. If a child is over the age of 21, but no older than 24, and they are a student, they may also be included in the Golden Visa application.
  • You and your family members may enjoy visa-free travel to the Schengen Zone.
  • There are no requirements of living in Greece, for any duration, in order to renew the residence permit.
  • The purchaser can choose to rent out his/her property after purchase.
  • You can apply for Greek citizenship after seven years of residence. Greece is an EU Member State, so you would have access to the EU free market and visa-free travel to more than a hundred countries.
  • You can live and invest in Greece.
  • The investor can also have access to Greek education and healthcare.

Sea & Sun Properties can provide counseling and recommend qualified and experienced professionals who are able to advise and guide you through the necessary paperwork and formalities and even facilitate the issuance of the Golden Visa in Greece.

It is worth mentioning that physical presence in Greece is not required to finalize your investment, it may be done remotely through a Power of Attorney authorizing a legal representative.

Our client-oriented approach focuses on providing professional advice and support throughout the entire process of purchasing property in Greece.